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The Wages Room

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We can ease you through the auto enrolment procedure

We are highly experienced in administering the auto enrolment pension procedure and run the scheme in conjunction with your payroll and informing your pension provider. The Wages Room provides Pension Administration services to our clients and has significant experience in helping clients set up and administer pension schemes.

In 2017 every employer in the UK had to enrol their employees into a pension scheme and they must contribute towards that pension. This process is called Auto Enrolment. 

Pension schemes are a part of day to day life for each and every employer in the UK. 

We handle all auto enrolment pension duties for our clients. Our services can lighten the load for employers.

The Wages Room handles the complex process of auto enrolment using our vast experience and expertise. The Wages Room can produce personalised employee communication based on the employee's work status which can be printed or emailed. Additionally, postponement, refunds, opt-out, opt-ins and required reporting are part of our auto enrolment package.